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Nominations are invited for National Awards to teachers (NAT) for the year 2017
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Many heads and teachers of the AECS have contributed selfless service to the cause of education in our schools. As a single candle brightens the whole room, the work of such teachers has provided inspiration to other teachers and the student community alike. Such teachers have been the trend-setters in the society. They have played a significant role in the functioning of the schools and shaping the future of the students. The National Award to teachers, given by the Government of India on Teachers' Day every year are presented by the President of India at New Delhi. The national award -winner is given a citation, a merit certificate, a silver medal and a cash prize of Rs.50,000/- 

Recipients of National Award to Teachers 2016
National awardees of AEES
Year Name Designation Centre
2016 Smt Kankana Chandra PRT(Sr.Scale) AECS-2 Mumbai
2015 Shri B S K Raju Principal AECS-3 Rawatbhata
2015 Shri Sanjib Ranjan Mohanta Headmaster AECS-2 Tarapur
2014 Shri Madan Rao Principal AECS-1 Tarapur
2014 Smt Usha Chaturvedi Hedmistress AECS-5 Mumbai
2013 Shri N Sahu Principal AECS-5 Mumbai
2013 Dr Nilima Srivastava TGT (Sr.Scale) AECS, Anupuram
2012 Shri Sushanta Kumar Mukherjee PGT (Sr.Scale) AEJC, Mumbai
2012 Smt Neeta U Hegde TGT (Sr.Scale) AECS-3, Mumbai
2011 Shri. M N V P Naidu Principal AECS, Kaiga
2011 Shri. Arvind Kumar TGT (Sr.Scale) AECS, Narora
2010 Smt. Letha Kumari PGT (Sr.Scale) AECS-1, Hyderabad
2010 Shri Shankar Singh PRT (SS) AECS - 4, Mumbai
2009 Smt Surbhi Pandey PRT (SS) AECS-3, Rawatbhata
2009 Shri Ramesh Chand TGT AECS-4, Mumbai.
2008 Smt. Mallika Goswami PGT (Sr.Scale) AEJC, Mumbai
2007 Smt S Vijaya TGT (Sr Scale) PET AECS-2, Kalpakkam
2007 Smt Sanchita Banerjee PRT (Sr Scale) Music AECS-4, Mumbai
2006 Smt Lalitha Ramaswami PGT (Physics) AEJC, Mumbai
2006 Shri Joseph James K A TGT (ESS) AECS-4, Rawatbhata
2005 Shri V.R.Khoche Principal AECS, Indore
2005 Smt.Asmita Shripad Talwelkar TGT (ESS) AECS-2, Tarapur
2004 Smt Chitra Anantharaman PGT Academic Unit, Mumbai
2004 Smt Vasantharao Nagamani TGT(SS) AECS-2, Hyderabad
2003 Shri Kalithinathan Principal AECS, Tarapur
2003 Smt A. K. Sequeira TGT Academic Unit
2002 Shri R. S. Solanki Principal AECS, Narwapahar
2002 Smt Neetu Bhatia Headmistress AECS, Mumbai
2001 Smt Rani Verma Principal Academic Unit
2001 Smt Indira Srinivasan TGT Academic Unit
2000 Shri B. P. Sharma Principal AECS, Kalpakkam
2000 Smt M. Lawrence Headmistress AECS, Mumbai
1999 Smt Lalita Mittal PGT AEJC, Mumbai
1999 Smt Marie J. Dias Headmistress AECS, Mumbai
1998 Shri B. L. Mandawat PGT AECS, Rawatbhata
1998 Shri S.G. Hegde PRT AECS, Tarapur
1997 Shri R. Saxena Principal AECS, Narora
1997 Shri C. M. Kumawat PRT AECS, Rawatbhata
1995 Shri S. P. Sharma Principal AECS, Rawatbhata
1995 Smt Radha V. PRT AECS, Mumbai
1994 Shri P. D. Agarwal Principal AEJC, Hyderabad
1994 Smt I. Panioty PRT AECS, Mumbai
1993 Shri R. K. Sharma TGT (WET) AEJC, Mumbai
1986 Shri V. Seshan Principal AEJC, Mumbai