We are delighted to announce the creation of the Atomic Energy Central School Alumni Association and invite all the ex-students of our schools to become members of the AAA and renew old ties of friendship. The AAA is your window of opportunity to connect with former school friends, stay in touch with them and be informed about all the major activities in the AEC schools. We’d be happy if you would also use the AAA to put across your ideas about how we can reshape our schools to match the best in the world.

We ask you to sign up now and once again become a part of the AEES family. Do spread the word to the schoolmates with whom you’re already in touch so that the AAA circle of friends widens day after day.

Please download resume format and e-mail it with comple information to

Once again, welcome to the AAA; remember to stay connected.

AEC Schools Alumni Association Members List.....Click here