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Without it, you are flat; with it you rise"

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AVISHKAR Progaram by IIT-Dhanbad
DAIS (Defending Attacking and Informing System) designed by students of AECS-1, Jaduguda bagged the second prize at Jharkhand School Innovation Challenge 2021 organized by IIT(ISM) Dhanbad.

This is a fully automated system that can detect intruders, warn all the nearby soldiers and defend/shoot at intruders if they try to infiltrate. It can also see a video via a VR from a tower in the army camp. It shoots bullets at intruders with precision of centimetres. It reacts to intruders instantly.There is no delay in the action. There are 6 guns which can rotate when the enemy steps on the platform. This is a very advanced and smart system.It does not need any human assistance.

The participant of AECS-1 Jaduguda used Arduino mega, Stepper motor, Motor driver, BO motor, Batteries, Metal sheet, Sponge and 3d printed gun for making this working model.