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Class-XI Computer Science
25-11-2020 M01-Basics of Computational Thinking - Decomposition, Pattern Recognition/Data representation, Generalization PPT Handout Worksheet
  M02-Basics of Computational Thinking - Data Abstraction and algorithm. PPT Handout Worksheet
27-11-2020 M03-Familiarization with the basics of Python programming - Introduction to Python, Interactive and Script modes, writing the first program—hello world. Compiling, and running the program. Print- statement PPT Handout Worksheet
  M04-Python - Demonstration of simple data-types: integer, float, string in the program with output and input PPT Handout Worksheet
02-12-2020 M05-Python Basics - Python Character Set, Tokens -Identifiers, Keywords, Examples of Keywords & valid idetifiers PPT Handout Worksheet
  M06- - Literals, Variables ,Delimiters, operators, Examples of Tokens, Breking the 'Hello World' program into tokens PPT Handout Worksheet
04-12-2020 M07-Python Comments - Single line & Multiline comments / Continuation statements Demonastrate the use of different types of comments PPT Handout Worksheet
  M08-Python Variables - Introduction to variables kin Python. Creating a variable, storing data , deleting a variable. Assignment operator and initializing variables PPT Handout Worksheet
07-12-2020 M09-Variables and datatypes - Initializing variables and display the output, input different types of data from keyboard. Demonstrate with simple programs PPT Handout Worksheet
  M10-Operators - Arithmetic Operators and its applications Demonstrate the Different type of applications for these operators through simple programs PPT Handout Worksheet
09-12-2020 M11-Relational Operators and its applications Truth table Creation of relational expressions PPT Handout Worksheet
11-12-2020 M13- - Binary Operators, Augmented Assignment operators, The operators and their precedence. PPT Handout Worksheet
  M14-Simplification of expressions in Python Creation of expressions PPT Handout Worksheet

M15-Simple programs related with arithmetic calculation

PPT Handout Worksheet
  M16-Programs involving logical expressions PPT Handout Worksheet
16-12-2020 M17- Definition, Creation, Indexing, Slicing, Assigning, Storing and Displaying items in a list,
Deleting the list, Demonstrate with simple program
PPT Handout Worksheet

M18-Functions operate with list
len( ), list( ), append(), extend( ), insert( ), count( ), index( ), pop( ), remove( ), reverse( ), sort( ), min( ), max( ), sum( )

PPT Handout Worksheet
18-12-2020 M19-Simple  programs  to demonstrate the above functions
  M20-Nested lists – Creation of Matrix,  initializing and assigning values Display of the matrix    
21-12-2020 M21-Matrix addition, Printing diagonal elements, upper triangle elements 7 lower triangle elements
  M22-List operation – Traversal,  liner searching, binary searching, bubble sort , insertion sort and merging PPT Handout Worksheet
06-01-2021 M23 - Program for Linear Search and Binary search PPT Handout Worksheet
  M24 - Program for bubble sort and insertion sort    
08-01-2021 M25-Program for bubble selection sort and merging    
  M26-Definition, Creation, initializing, display of string, Empty list and store a string, Indexing the String, Slicing the string, Working of the operator +, * on string PPT Handout Worksheet
11-01-2021 M27-Functions for string - len(), in() , capitalize(), title(), upper(), lower() ,count(), find(), index(), isalnum(), islowewr(), isupper(), isspace(), isalpha(), isdigit(),
split(), partioin(), strip(),
PPT Handout Worksheet
  M28-Programs on string like Counting vowels, alphabets, numbers, special characters, words in a string PPT Handout Worksheet
18-01-2021 M29-Program for Checking string for palindrome. Program for Converting the string in upper/lower case PPT Handout Worksheet
  M30-Introduction, Creation, Initialization ,Display Empty tuple, adding items, index of items, slicing Operator + and * with tuple, traversing in a tuple Illustration with program PPTWorksheet
20-01-2021 M31-Functions len(), tuple(), count(), index(), sorted(), min(), max(), sum() – Illustration with simple program PPT Handout
  M32-Program for tuple manipulation PPT Handout
22-01-2021 M33-Nested tuples- creation, initialization, and manipulation Use functions keys( ), values( ), items( ), get( ), cmp( ), all ( ) with simple program PPT Handout
  M34-Programs using the above function