Education with a holistic perspective is concerned with the development of every individuals intellectual, emotional, social & physical, artistic, creative & spiritual, potential. It seeks to engage students in the teaching-learning processes. The National Education Policy 2020 introduced by the Govt. of India, lays emphasis on the development of creative potential of each individual.

It is in the backdrop of the National Education Policy 2020 and various upcoming paradigms in education, with a view of achieve the intent of holistic education, AEES is organising its FIRST One Day Conference on "EDUCATION FOR HOLISTIC DVELOPMENT". The conference shall attempt to focus on the following key areas.

1. New/ National Education Policy – 2020, for promoting 'Holistic, Multidisciplinary & Technology - Aided Education
2. ICT based (Teaching) Learning for Holistic (Student) Development
3. In-service Training/ Orientation Programmes (for Teachers/ Educators) to achieve the goal of Holistic (Student) Development
4.Innovation in Education and Holistic (Student) Development
5. Holistic (Student) Development through Art Integrated and Experiential Learning
6. A Comprehensive School - based Counselling and Smart Guidance for Holistic (Student) Development

Google Registration Form for Registration of participants for the Conference